Two leading Italian companies,
one special alliance for the Indian market.
Discover the products
Two leading Italian companies,
one special alliance for the Indian market.
Discover the products
Two leading Italian companies,
one special alliance for the Indian market.
Discover the products
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MGM SpA and Varvel SpA: joint venture in India to support Italian manufacturing

MGM-VARVEL Power Transmission Pvt. Ltd. has been supplying top quality, high precision, Italian made, mechanical engineering products to Indian manufacturers since 2011. The joint venture can rely on the combined expertise of the two leading Italian companies behind it: Varvel SpA and MGM Motori Elettrici SpA, specialists in power transmission systems and electric motors (especially self-breaking) respectively.

MGM-VARVEL’s base in Chennai, a large industrial town in the south east of India, serves both as assembly centre for the gearboxes and motors imported from Italy and as a strategic logistic centre for the distribution of products throughout India.

In order to integrate Italian products into the Indian economy as effectively as possible, local professionals have been employed to run the joint venture’s functions since its formation. The company’s management, technical office, accounts and sales force are rigorously Indian.


Our in-depth knowledge of the needs of machine builders has enabled us to offer the Indian market a wide range of motors, gearmotors and gearboxes for all industries.

Brake motors

MGM brake motors are three-phase, totally enclosed fan-cooled motors that have a braking feature in the event of a power supply failure. The motors have a quick and precise braking action, ensuring a safe and timely response in such situations. These motors are particularly useful for hoisting and traverse applications, tooling machinery, automatic and transfer machinery in textile, ceramic, and packing fields, and anywhere precision and quickness in braking are required.

Motors technical drawings

The service allows to download 2D/3D models of our brake motors for the most popular CAD systems.


Modularity and flexibility have been leading the design of Varvel products since 2000. This way, the gearbox kit concept was launched, allowing anyone to assemble the unit in few minutes. Some kits are even common to all the gearbox series; i.e. motor flanges, motor elastic couplings.
The feature provides the highest flexibility to Varvel’s distributors and resellers who – thanks to a limited kit selection – are able to immediately configure the required product.

Gearboxes configurator

Varvel’s VARSIZE® selection software provides an easy way to size their product range. The system includes 2D/3D drawing downloads for popular CAD systems, a guided selection service that generates a list of applicable product configurations based on application parameters, and a product selection service that quickly provides a PDF data sheet and dimensional drawings for a known product configuration, along with 2D and 3D drawings.

Strategic partnership

MGM-Varvel logo

To complete its product range with Cast Iron Heavy Duty Gearboxes and output torque greater than 4.000 Nm MGM-VARVEL have tied up a strategic partnership for Indian market with I-MAK Turkey since 2017.

Through this collaboration MGM-VARVEL is able to support the growth of sectors like Construction, Material Handling, Power, Sugar, Steel, Mining, Crushing, Agitators, Plastic Extrusion with a full range of drive solutions.

Sales Network

MGM-VARVEL is present all over India. Thanks to a network of commercial partners, we can reach you wherever you are!

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Catalogues, technical documentation, maintenance instructions and more besides: this section contains the links to material of relevance to the MGM Varvel India that is available for download.

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